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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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teams earned second and third place but left with something much greater than first prize. >> it was a really eye opening experience because personally i never had any close contact with people with disabilities, so i didn't really know what to expect, but i realized these are people just like you and me. >> reporter: in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. close encounters of a scary kind above russia this morning, 1,000 people injured by a meteor while an astroid skims by the earth. now the rest of us are wondering what the heck is going on? the blinding flash and the booming shock you heard was an event straight out of a sci-fi movie. the giant meteor blazed across the sky over parts of russia and exploded. let's go to will thomas in the newsroom with more. >> the meteor exploded with the force of an atomic bomb about 12 to 15 miles high. the resulting meteorite
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scattered across parts of russia, 1,100 people hurt and many sent to the hospital. let's show you again, another day for people out on the roads about 9:30 in the morning there, but nothing normal about that meteor. it was a fireball estimated to be about 50 feet wide, more than 7,000 tons and traveling about 40,000 miles an hour. the dashcams that captured a lot of this video are common in the cars of everyday russian folks because of disputes over traffic accidents, insurance fraud apparently a big deal there. dashcams and cell phone video captured the shock wave that blew out an estimated 1 million square feet of glass, countless windows shattered. now let's hear from one of the victims who spoke from a hospital and a space expert who joined me live today at 5:00. translator: after the flash nothing happened for about three minutes. then we rushed outdoors. i was not alone. the door was made of glass. a shock wave hit us. >> i am not aware of anything in the history books talking
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about this many, 1,100 people, hurt by a single event. >> this meteor was especially unusual because the material was so hard. scientists say it may have been made of iron which allowed some of the smaller fragments to hit earth. those meteorites very valuable. one expert told me with an event like this with all the headlines you're talking about tens of thousands of dollars for just a tiny specimen. ironically the meteor occurred on the same day an astroid buzzed the earth missing us by about 17,000 miles. the strange events have people wondering what's going on. fox 5's bob barnard talked with experts at the smithsonian. >> reporter: that meteor about the size of an suv is falling through the earth's atmosphere at more than 33,000 miles per hour, a massive fireball over the russian skies. this camera caught the meteor breaking the sound barrier, the shock wave shattering windows and damaging buildings.
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more than 1,000 people have been injured mostly by flying glass. the video seen around the world. >> it's amazing. you would think that the world would come to an end right now. >> something is raining down on you and you have nowhere, pretty scary. >> to have a big impact like this, to have a big massive material is actually a very rare occurrence and for it to land in such a populated area is very, very rare. >> reporter: emma bullock is a geologist with the smithsonian institution speaking to us inside the meteorite vault at the museum of natural history. >> this is a piece of a meteorite that fell in mexico in 1969, part of a huge shower of stones. >> reporter: this is home to the u.s. national meteorite collection. some of these rocks are more than 4 billion years old. >> we're looking at a snapshot of the very beginnings of our solar system when we look at this type of rock. >> reporter: dr. bullock said the russian meteor likely came from the astroid belt between mars and jupiter. >> once in a while we get
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lucky. we get a piece of rock from the mars or the moon, but in this instance we think it's most likely it came from the astroid belt. >> reporter: not the astroid that just passed close to our world. that was predicted. the russian meteor came out of the blue. >> this came out of egypt. >> reporter: believe to have struck and killed a dog when it fell to earth in 1911. this meteor created a crater in arizona, one of the largest impacts on the planet and this wharton meteorite crashed through a doctor's office in virginia in january of 2010. >> this was the ceiling tile above the exam room where the meteor landed. >> reporter: today's event might have been rough for the russian people but vital for science. >> it's incredibly important. every single meteorite we recover material from gives us another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of what our solar system looked like when it first formed and how it's evolved since.
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>> so far there's no word of any deaths or anyone struck by fragments of the russian meteor. dr. bullock reminds us most meteor showers are dust particles falling through earth's atmosphere and the most meteorites land in remote motionses or in the ocean which -- areas or in the ocean which covers 2/3 of the earth. gary mcgrady tracking the forecast now. >> so far this newscast has seemed like a science lesson to be honest. let me show you sentinel radar, not much changed since we last spoke. rain is moving through the district now up mainly north of interstate 70 north of baltimore, all snow. a little bit of this is mixing in. even through the green there is mix reported from time to time. cold this weekend. it starts getting cold tomorrow and really cold sunday and much higher confidence now with this forecast for the weekend than perhaps i had earlier this evening, but everything is
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coming in tonight suggesting that the storm stays far enough offshore tomorrow that we're talking little or no snow for the district. now east of the bay out towards the shore i think that's where you guys stand the best chance of getting a little accumulation. that will be basically from the delmarva south into norfolk, virginia beach, places like that, extreme southeastern sections of virginia and then right up along the east coast, but here in the district i think right now with a fairly high level of confidence that we're not talking about any kind of snow tomorrow that's going to accumulate. brian, full forecast is coming up. >> you can track the forecast with the fox 5 weather app. search for d.c. weather and the app store. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad. a flight from guantanomo to joint base andrews from miami tonight was diverted. it was for people testifying in a hearing on the upcoming 9-11
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trial. the plane landed safely and passengers transferred to other flights. federal prosecutors charged jesse jackson jr. with fraud and conspiracy saying the former representative and his wife used campaign money for personal expenses, spending reportedly close to $750,000, a rolex watch purchased and michael jackson memorabilia, both expected to plead guilty. olympian oscar pistorius crying in a south africa courtroom today. prosecutors plan to charge the double amputee with premeditated murder. he's accused of shooting his girl friend in his home. if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. he was the first double amputee to compete in the olympic games. what would you do for these
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sneakers? they come in limited numbers and very hard to get. in some cases they have sparked violence, but as matt ackland reports, local law enforcement agencies are prepared this time around. >> the game is the game until it isn't. >> tomorrow is the biggest day. >> reporter: it's almost here, just a few hours left to wait. some of these guys have been waiting in the cold and wet weather out in front of the mall at prince george's since monday, all of it for an expensive pair of shoes. >> pretty big shoe collector out here. >> reporter: this is a big weekend for shoe releases. the charles barkley pause it and then these, the air jordan 28's which are promoted in this commercial. those are in hot demand and the inventory is limited. both will ring up at about $250, but these collectors have paid much more. >> it's around $500. >> reporter: in fact, over the
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last couple years safety has been a big concern when it comes to the release of these big name shoes. in fact, here along h street last december folks were lined up here outside this for -- this store when shot were fired. fortunately no one was hurt, but in d.c. police have stepped up efforts to provide more security when popular shoes are released. in fact, a d.c. commander wrote today that his officers have met with store managers who agreed to provide advance notice to the first district when a shoe release is scheduled. >> we see people arguing, we try to calm them down. >> reporter: she's shoe lovers say it -- these shoe lovers say it can get hectic when the stores first open up, but the main thing on their mind is if the shoes are in stock and if they fit. >> very hopeful. that's the only reason i'm out here. thousands of carnival triumph passengers finally heading home after their discuss russ week.
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hear what they think about around -- disastrous week. hear what they think about taking cruises. check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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horrifying vacation at sea finally over, thousands of passengers able to get off that stranded cruise ship. the four-day trip turned into eight after the ship lost power 150 miles off the coast of mexico. there were long lines for food, backed up toilets. despite the poor condition one person says he will take another cruise. >> book tomorrow. you fall off a bicycle you don't never ride it again. you know, you fall off a horse you do it. you have an automobile accident you still drive. >> carnival chartered 100 buses and 20 planes to get passengers home. the company is offering each passenger a full refund, $500 in cash and a free cruise in the future for those who are interested. take it. fairfax county dealing with a bug problem and the white house has announced plans for this year's easter egg roll. shawn yancy has tonight's fox 5 top five. >> how about some good news. no. 5, the flu is finally easing its flip on the united states.
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according to the -- grip to the united states. according to the cdc influenza activity decreased across the country last week. no. 4, an alarming new report suggests alcohol may play a role in cancer deaths. the u.s. national cancer institute says research shows alcohol is to blame for one in every 30 cancer deaths each year and 15 of breast cancer deaths related to alcohol consumption. no. 3, get ready for the helicopters. fairfax county officials are taking to the skies to fight these little guys, inch worms. they will drop pesticides from the air. two drops are scheduled in april. residents in the affected areas will be notified in writing. no. 2, track work means delays on metro this weekend. on the red, orange, blue and grams. monday metro will operate on a -- green lines.
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monday metro will operate on a saturday schedule. no. 1, the white house announced this year's annual easter egg roll will be held monday, april 1st. the first family will host more than 35,000 people on the south lawn. tickets will be handed out through a lottery system that opens up next thursday, february 21st and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. a new jersey town ravaged by hurricane sandy racing to rebuild the boardwalk by summer. the first pile was driven this morning. the iconic roller coaster that was knocked into the atlantic is still in the atlantic along with the casino pier, other rides and debris. the owner of that pier says he plans to reopen by summer. >> i read today they signed the contract for the salvage company that's going to get that roller coaster out of the ocean. >> wonder what they'll do with it? >> i don't know.
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they said there's a heck of a lot more under the water that you don't see. what's going on this weekend with the snow? >> a little snow for us, i think more so just a few snow showers. the only thing i was surprised by tonight, not a big surprise, won't be a big deal, i didn't get any surprises with this storm tomorrow, but i did get a little surprise. one of our models is trying to paint a little snow around here sunday simply because super cold air is coming in and we have a little disturbance moving through. that may bring more snow showers sunday. that's a slight little change. we had flurries in but maybe a little more than that in some cases. look at. this high today 60, dulles 58, bwi thurgood marshall 59. that's gone. we won't have any of that. we're down to 38 degrees now, gaithersburg 34, dulles 36. this precipitation has come through and it definitely looks like winter has returned and winter will certainly be here
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for the weekend. it's going to be cool tomorrow, downright cold sunday. it's going to be blustery and come down from the northwest sunday and all that cold air will be flurries and snow showers. i don't anticipate any accumulation, but again there's going to be snow flying around in the air sunday. tomorrow snow, mainly to the east of i-95. you really have to get east of the bay before it becomes anything significant. there's a chance that even east of the bay is not going to get any snow. here's a look at sentinel radar. you can see the little changeover pushing farther down to the south. this is coming right down into montgomery county, perhaps inside the beltway, too we'll see big flakes mixing in and more snow up to the north. there may be grassy accumulation north of 70 as this has been pretty much snow the last couple hours and coming through the northern sections our northern county around the mason dixon line. this all breaks apart. the front is coming in, initial
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cold front. there's snow shaws behind it but nothing we need to worry about. we worry about this next storm for tomorrow. for a while it fell off the models and we thought it was gone. it came back thursday, friday. so it's getting stronger tomorrow evening. it's far enough offshore just about every model is saying this now, this is going to be far enough offshore that the snow will be limited to the extreme eastern section. this is delmarva here and right up the jersey shore they may pick up a couple inches up there, maybe 3. in places around salisbury may get a dusting 1 to 2 inches and light snow showers off i-95. i think if you're west of i-95, you won't see any snow tomorrow. if you do, it's just going to be a very light snow shower and no accumulation. 36 tonight in town tonight, 32 gaithersburg and farther noh and west temperature below freezing. so just be careful tomorrow
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morning if you're out really early, but once the sun comes up, we'll get warm enough again most of the snow will be south and east tomorrow. a spotty light snow possible to the east tomorrow morning, mostly clouds at noon and spotty light snow showers at 4:00 or 5:00. just keep in mind it looks like all indications are that this snow will be well east and south of us tomorrow. blustery, much colder sunday, high 37, but it will feel like the 20s with the wind. next week we're generally in the 40s, maybe touch 50 next tuesday and next friday another chance of mix to rain situation. 60 today, feels like baseball. lindsay murphy is in now with details of the nationals at spring training. i love me some baseball. we'll talk about the nats a bit
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later. georgetown, syracuse and marquette are currently sharing the top spot in the big east, the hoyas reeling off six straight wins, their longest conference streak in two seasons and tonight challenging that streak is cincinnati who has won four straight in this series. the hoyas in road blue at cincinnati, 1st half, look at this athleticism. the hoyas led at the half the 31-25. 2nd half nate lubick with the offensive rebound and the great cutting pass for two. hoyas take a 47-38 lead, but things tightened up late tied at 51-51 and the rainbow fadeaway three, nothing but net. hoyas win 62-55 and take over sole possession of first place in the big east. bad news for terps fans. guard keyshawn howard temporarily suspended by mark
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turgeon who said there are team rules that have to be followed. here's coach on saturday's big game against duke. >> i expect us to be up, coaching staff, players, managers, everybody involved with our team i expect to be fired up and ready to go. we're so young sometimes the guys really don't know what they're getting into. hopefully they just go out and play. i want our guys to be excited for the opportunity. nba all-star weekend festivities are upon us. tonight the nba rising stars challenge and bradley beal representing the washington wizards and doing it quite well, minnesota's ricky rubio. beal would finish with 12 points in the exhibition contest. coming up after the break, the boys of summer are baek, scott smith with the spring training report next.
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>> reporter: welcome back. i'm scott smith and welcome out to space coast stadium, the spring training home of the washington nationals. first things first, jordan zimmerman avoiding arbitration with a one year contract. also closer rafael soriano is on his way with his visa stamped. he should be here tomorrow. day two. pitchers and catchers workout in a bullpen session for newcomer dan haren. position players reported and some including adam laroche and denard span took part in the
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voluntary workout. bryce harper didn't, but bulging up 15-pound in the -- bulking up 15 pounds in the offseason i think he's done his share. >> i love working out. i always have since i was younger. >> looks like we're having some audio issues. a couple other notes. pitcher jordan zimmerman got his one year deal done with the nationals. they officially avoided arbitration. it's a one year deal worth just over 5 million. also rafael soriano, his visa issue is squared away. he should report to camp tomorrow. scott smith will join us tomorrow at 6:00 with another report. that's a wrap on sports, but the news edge will be right back. good night. legs up ! red hot deal days are back. let nothing stop you.
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taking the edge off tonight. you can call it a comeback. a logger head turtle in japan is swimming again after a shark attack thanks to her now prosthetic begins. the flippers are made from rubber fixed together with material made from wetsuits. the turtle tried 26 other models before her trainers finally found the perfect fit. over to gary now. i think east of i-95 out to the bay just light snow showers tomorrow afternoon and evening, no accumulation.
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all the accumulation tomorrow should be out along the shore and up towards the jersey shore, too, very cold on sunday. >> have a fantastic weekend. see you back here monday. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte. there is nono mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology


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